The Zedco Group – Home Improvement And Design

When new homes are built or older homes are refurbished, homeowners don’t just want a bland interior or exterior to be seen on their home, they want something that looks lively and that brings out warmth and color to the surroundings. The design of a renovation project could encompass anything from woodwork on floor boards, stairways and railings inside, and siding and shutters on the outside, all to make a brand new castle to come home to. But it’s one thing to have a vision or written plan for your home improvement project, it’s another thing to see it happen in the finished product. The Zedco Group’s team of builders and craftsmen has specialized in custom design for homes and can do this for you.

The Zedco Group’s carpentry team has designed and built all kinds of various wood finish products from cabinets, cupboards, countertops, flooring, walls and doors. The team can work with you to not only bring your imagination and creativity together with their concrete sketches and blueprints, but to provide inspiring ideas when you’re unsure about just what you want your finished home to look like. They can work with all kinds of wood from oak to cedar and various pines, depending on which kind you prefer and assemble the finished product. They can apply all kinds of finishes from stained to laminated and bring some luster to your rooms.

The interior designs can be tailored to customer needs to maximize space and efficiency as well as bring out creativity and color. Our team can incorporate both old fashioned designs that incorporate arched entries and spiraling staircases that look similar to ones found in older mansions, or they can make your home look contemporary. If you prefer something brand new that hasn’t been tried yet, our team of modelers can go over the idea and confirm the steps with you, or make suggestions on how certain features might be improved, or how additions might be made to make better use of power and utilities running into your home.

Our exterior team can put siding, roofing, patios and decks up on your home and if the old exterior needs to be redone, they can change the face of your home into something truly remarkable. They’ll work with you on what color and tone you want your home painted in, and can use all kinds of siding from vinyl, wood or brick. They can also install a new roof or remodel the current one on your home.